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New York, states set the bar on climate action
Extreme Weather and Climate Change
Billion-Dollar Extreme Weather Events

Click on any circle to learn about one of the billion-dollar weather events, or any state to learn about billion-dollar droughts, between January 2000 and June 2019. Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Climatic Data Center. This map and …

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State of World Carbon Pricing

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Public Benefit Funds

Public Benefit Funds (PBF), also frequently referred to as system benefits charge, are state-level programs developed through the electric industry restructuring process. PBFs allocate most of their money to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and low-income assistance programs.  PBF-supported programs include …

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Climate Innovation 2050
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C2ES publishes comparison of carbon-pricing measures in Congress
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Finding our North Star: Congressional carbon-pricing proposals
Carbon Pricing Proposals in the 116th Congress

There are various market-based approaches to pricing carbon (e.g. carbon tax, cap and trade, and a clean energy standard). All of these can reduce emissions cost-effectively while driving clean energy innovation. This factsheet compares six carbon tax and cap-and-dividend proposals …

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Weaponized ticks and climate change