Coal Initiative Reports: White Paper Series

Coal Initiative Series

One of the most significant challenges in addressing global climate change is reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulting from the use of coal.  Coal use, primarily for the generation of electricity, now accounts for roughly 20 percent of global GHG emissions.  Rising energy demand will continue to drive up coal consumption, particularly in countries with large reserves such as the United States, China, and India.  By 2030, GHG emissions from coal-fired power plants in these three countries alone may be equivalent to one-fourth of total global energy-related emissions today.  To avoid—or minimize—dangerous human interference with the climate system and at the same time ensure adequate, affordable energy supplies, it is critical that these and other countries adopt policies and technologies that enable continued use of coal while dramatically reducing its GHG emissions profile.    

To help address this challenge, we undertook a major initiative to identify policy options for reducing coal-related GHG emissions.  This initiative will produce a series of papers examining:

  • Technology pathways for future coal use, both for power generation and other potential end uses, that will assist in reducing emissions, particularly by enabling the introduction of carbon capture-and-storage (CCS) technologies; and
  • Policy options at the national, state, and international levels to drive the deployment of advanced generation technologies and, ultimately, widespread capture and sequestration of coal-related GHG emissions. 

These papers will be undertaken in collaboration with leading experts and with advice and input from a Consultative Group of experts, policymakers, and stakeholders.

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White Paper Series

Coal In China: Resources, Uses, and Advanced Coal Technologies, March 2010

A Performance Standards Approach to Reducing CO2 Emissions from Electric Power Plants, June 2009

Positioning the Indian Coal-Power Sector for Carbon Mitigation: Key Policy Options, February 2009

A Resource and Technology Assessment of Coal Utilization in India, October, 2008

State Policy Options for Low-Carbon Coal Policy, February 2008

A Trust Fund Approach to Accelerating Deployment of CCS: Options and Considerations, January 2008

A Program to Accelerate the Deployment of CO2 Capture and Storage: Rationale, Objectives, and Cost, October 2007