Nat Keohane Statement on John Podesta’s Appointment as Senior Adviser to the President for International Climate Policy

Statement of Nathaniel Keohane
President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)

January 31, 2024

On John Podesta’s appointment as senior adviser to the president for international climate policy:

“The announcement that John Podesta will take over the international climate portfolio from John Kerry is a strong signal of the Biden Administration’s continued commitment to climate leadership globally. While he will have large shoes to fill, he is an ideal candidate to take on the role.

“John is a proven and widely respected leader on climate change, having played central roles in three presidential administrations across several decades. His role in accelerating the implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act is already delivering tangible benefits to communities across the United States – and positions him well to demonstrate the United States’ unflagging commitment to delivering on the Paris Agreement. As the world’s attention focuses on ensuring that countries not only take on ambitious climate commitments, but successfully implement the ones they have already made, John Podesta and his team are providing a clear example of how to turn pledges into concrete progress that cuts emissions, strengthens our economy, and benefits communities.

“John is known to be a fair and pragmatic broker, demonstrating a strong grasp of the connection between climate action and the economic opportunities for the U.S. in the global low-carbon economy. C2ES stands ready to support him at home and abroad in meeting the ambitious goals that the Biden Administration has set for U.S. emissions – and in leveraging American leadership to deliver on the goals of the Paris Agreement.”


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