Nat Keohane on the newly released CAFE standards

Statement of Nathaniel Keohane 
President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
April 1, 2022 

On the newly released Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration 

“Transitioning the American vehicle fleet to zero emissions by 2050 is a must-have to cut our dependence on fossil fuels and position America to lead the world in the global clean energy economy. The recent surge in gasoline prices underscores the need to lower demand for oil and protect American consumers from oil price volatility by improving fuel economy and investing in zero-emission vehicles. 

“The CAFE standards released today affirm what manufacturers and consumers already know: The transition to a much cleaner fleet is already here. Major automakers are investing billions in zero-emission and electric vehicles, and consumers are buying them in record numbers. Now we just need to step on the accelerator – and the new standards will do exactly that. 

“The rule released today will complement the greenhouse gas standards in avoiding more than 3 billion tons of climate pollution through 2050. The stringency of the standards demonstrates NHTSA’s commitment to climate ambition and reflects the momentum of the market toward a zero-emissions future.”   


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