Eileen Claussen’s Statement on 2014 State of the Union

Statement of Eileen Claussen
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

January 28, 2014

We commend President Obama for again putting the issue of climate change before Congress and the American public, and for reaffirming his determination to use the powers of the presidency to strengthen America’s response.

Communities and businesses across the country are feeling the impacts of climate change, which science tells us are bound to get worse. After declining for several years, U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are again on the rise, and much stronger efforts are needed to rein them in and achieve steep long-term reductions. The most efficient way is to put a price on carbon. But there’s no prospect of Congress taking serious action anytime soon, and the president is right to move forward with the regulatory tools at his disposal.

The carbon limits for power plants the administration is developing must deliver meaningful reductions while ensuring the reliability and affordability of America’s power supplies. In crafting them, the Administration must work closely with states and business to forge practical, flexible approaches that protect both the climate and our economy.

The coming year will be critical in shaping America’s response to climate change and, in turn, prospects for a meaningful international agreement next year in Paris. The president has a credible and comprehensive plan to cut emissions, expand clean energy, and strengthen resilience to climate impacts. Now is the time to put it into action.