Bob Perciasepe’s statement on the Republican carbon tax proposal

Statement of Bob Perciasepe
President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

February 8, 2017

On the carbon tax and dividend proposal released today by Republicans James Baker and George Shultz:

In a time of heightened polarization, it’s good to be reminded that there is bipartisan support for putting a price on carbon emissions. Giving businesses the incentive and the flexibility to find the most cost-effective way to reduce emissions drives new investment in cutting-edge industries, creating jobs while helping the environment.

Over the long-term, carbon pricing is the best way to drive investment in clean energy and low carbon technologies. Many nations and 10 U.S. states already have carbon pricing, and it’s already working to reduce emissions efficiently and cost-effectively.

James Baker, George Shultz and other noted Republicans have proposed setting a fee on carbon emissions and returning the money to individuals, which is one of many potential ways to price carbon. Over the years, Senators McCain, Lieberman, Cantwell, Collins, Kerry and Graham led bipartisan efforts to establish a carbon price.

There is clearly a policy platform for bipartisan conversation that is both promising and overdue. We encourage those conversations and are eager to see them evolve into action. C2ES and the members of our Business Environmental Leadership Council have long championed market-based climate solutions. We look forward to continuing to work with policymakers and other stakeholders to set the stage toward the goal of an economy-wide price on carbon.

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