Bob Perciasepe’s statement on the release of the Trump Administration’s proposed budget

Statement of Bob Perciasepe
President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

March 16, 2017

On the release of the Trump Administration’s proposed budget:

Climate change is posing real and rising risks to the U.S. economy. Today’s military leaders also recognize climate impacts as a national security threat, as more frequent and intense heat waves, droughts, and intense storms threaten to destabilize economies and ecosystems. Global engagement and national action based on strong science are the only ways to address this global problem.

We urge Congress to avoid drastic cuts to international, environment, science and energy programs, which together currently account for only 3 percent of federal spending. We should be enhancing programs that contribute to quality of life and health, U.S. economic leadership, and long-term security. Inaction on climate today will lead to greater costs tomorrow.

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