Bob Perciasepe on the introduction of the CLEAN Future Act

Statement of Bob Perciasepe

President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

March 2, 2021

On the introduction of the CLEAN Future Act:

“Today’s release of the CLEAN Future Act is an example of the kind of ambitious, comprehensive approach needed to put the U.S. economy on a pathway to carbon neutrality. Chairman Pallone and the Energy and Commerce Committee should be commended for identifying key elements that will provide a strong foundation for the kind of bipartisan action we need to enact ambitious, durable climate policy.

“Importantly, the CLEAN Future Act reflects the reality that no single policy or technology can achieve the deep emissions reductions we need to stave off the economic and physical risks of climate change. It includes provisions to not only decarbonize the power sector but also boost its efficiency and resilience. The CLEAN Future Act also provides crucial support for low-carbon transportation and helps lay the groundwork for a just and equitable transition, while investing in the low-carbon industries that will not only create jobs but ensure a thriving domestic manufacturing sector in the decades to come. We’re pleased to see that CLEAN Future aligns with many of the recommendations we’ve developed through close consultation with leading companies across key sectors of the U.S. economy. That work makes clear that a combination of policies that set standards and expectations while at the same time spurring the innovation and investment needed to achieve those ambitions is the surest path to carbon neutrality.”

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