Bob Perciasepe on the Growing Climate Solutions Act

Statement of Bob Perciasepe
President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

June 4, 2020

On the Growing Climate Solutions Act, introduced today in the U.S. Senate:

“The Growing Climate Solutions Act has all the hallmarks of sensible bipartisan climate policy. It leverages the unique strengths of the federal government to incentivize markets in ways that benefit both our climate and our economy. In this case, the beneficiaries include America’s rural communities, our precious water resources, and our nation’s rich biodiversity. As C2ES underscores in our report, Getting to Zero: A U.S. Climate Agenda, farms, forests and the people who tend them have a vital role to play in putting us on the path to carbon neutrality. This bipartisan legislation would give them the tools they need to do it well.”

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