Bob Perciasepe on the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement

Statement of Bob Perciasepe
President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

December 10, 2020

On the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement:

“Five years after its launch, the Paris Agreement remains a true landmark achievement and a powerful tool for accelerating the global response to climate change. It is the best means available to continually press nations to contribute their fair share to the global climate effort and to hold one another accountable for their commitments.

C2ES is proud of the role we played in delivering the Paris Agreement. Along with our partners in We Are Still In, we are heartened by the continued support across America for achieving the Paris goals, despite the outgoing Administration’s shameful withdrawal from the agreement.

By design, the Paris Agreement does not compel action, but is rather a framework to facilitate rising global ambition. Its success hinges ultimately on the will of people and their governments to devote the effort needed to achieve its goals. The United States’ impending return to the Paris Agreement will strengthen the prospects for ambitious global action, but will only be truly meaningful if we also enact the policies needed to put our economy on the path to carbon neutrality.

C2ES looks forward to working with the incoming Administration, Congress, companies and other stakeholders to seize the new opportunities now before us to meet this profound challenge.”

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