Bob Perciasepe on the Biden administration’s announced NDC

Statement of Bob Perciasepe
President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

April 22, 2021

On the Biden administration’s announced Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC):

“The Biden administration NDC sends an important signal to the world. We can only meet our long-term climate goals if we begin taking ambitious action today. The urgency of this moment will require leadership and collaboration between the administration and Congress to provide crucial support to state and local governments as well as the private sector in the coming decade.

“President Biden’s announcement of at least 50 percent reduction in emissions by the end of this decade marks the reestablishment of American leadership, but this goal is just the start. The credibility and impact of that leadership will be determined by the policies, technologies, and political energy we muster to meet the climate challenge. When companies participate in the process we have seen how strong policy frameworks can be developed to form the foundation for business and government collaboration. The NDC announced today is the 2030 target we must now work to achieve, and our success hinges on the federal government’s leadership and commitment to cooperating with stakeholders at home and abroad.”

See C2ES President Bob Perciasepe’s full commentary on the U.S. interim target here.

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