Bob Perciasepe on carbon pricing legislation

Statement of Bob Perciasepe  
President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions  

July 26, 2019

On carbon pricing legislation proposed by both congressional Democrats and Republicans:

“There’s a reason we see policymakers on both sides of the aisle putting forward carbon price proposals with potential to change behavior and substantially reduce emissions. We hear from the companies we work with every day that a market-based approach is the best way to decarbonize our economy. It’s a sensible and powerful starting point that can fuel more action and amplify the reductions of complementary climate policies.

“We need comprehensive action now, and with every new model and emissions projection it’s become increasingly clear that putting a price on carbon must be a part of any national climate strategy. While a carbon price alone won’t guarantee the level of carbon reductions we need to spare us from the worst impacts of climate change, it does represent the North Star of a constellation of collective policies that present the best chance for success.”

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