Bob Perciasepe on Biden’s Joint Session Address

Statement of Bob Perciasepe
President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

April 28, 2021

On President Biden’s address to the joint session of Congress:

“The first 100 days of the Biden administration have laid the foundation for a potentially transformative opportunity to create a tremendously competitive U.S. economy. By leading globally in the deployment and manufacture of climate-friendly technology and the policies to support the transition to net-zero our economy will grow. The climate agenda and jobs plan President Biden called for tonight builds on a growing list of successes: re-entry into the Paris Agreement, an ambitious 2030 emissions target that sets the path to a net-zero 2050, and the collection of the most capable and expert climate team ever assembled. President Biden convened world leaders for a summit aimed at elevating global ambition, supported by the encouragement of a serious U.S. commitment.

“The enduring credibility of restored U.S. leadership will be dictated by the policies set in place to achieve our goals. Climate policies will be more effective and better targeted when we partner with companies to develop them and more durable when we strive for bipartisan collaboration and support. The infrastructure investments in the American Jobs Plan could result in historic progress toward the net-zero economy and lay the foundation for job creation and economic growth for decades to come. Investments aimed at climate resilient communities, expanded EV charging, and development and deployment of critical technologies like direct air capture and carbon capture will make America more competitive globally and better prepared for climate impacts. Even these welcome commitments to meeting the challenge are only the beginning, but we’re finally heading in the right direction with more backing from Washington than ever, and we are looking forward with great hope and relentless ambition.”

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