Statement: USCAP Says Now is the Time for Climate Legislation


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For Immediate Release
Contact: Tad Segal 202-507-4840 
September 10, 2009 



USCAP Says Now is the Time for Climate Legislation

Washington, D.C. (September 10, 2009)The chief executives of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP) recently met in Washington, D.C., to discuss upcoming consideration of climate and energy legislation in the Senate and issued the following statement:

As the President and Congress define their priorities for the final months of 2009, it is imperative that action on climate change and energy continue to be at the top of our nation’s agenda.

An environmentally sound and economically sustainable climate and energy policy is essential to the future health of our economy. We must embrace policies that put a cap on carbon and therefore a value on clean energy technologies. Doing so will set America on a path to lead the world in creating the technologies that will revolutionize energy use, create jobs and provide American businesses with the certainty they need to invest for the future.

Adopting smart climate legislation leads us toward a more competitive nation fueled by American know-how and ingenuity. It leads to a more secure future where we control more of our own energy production, where we keep our factories busy and our jobs right here at home. And just as important, it protects our environment.

America needs to encourage investments in the development and commercialization of the next generation of clean and efficient technologies. The best way to do this is through a comprehensive climate and energy policy. The alternative is for America to watch from the sidelines as other countries invest heavily in the next great global industry. Already today, the United States trails other nations that recognize this opportunity and are working to seize it through huge investments in their own technology development.

As President Obama said when speaking about climate change last year, “Now is the time to confront this challenge once and for all. Delay is no longer an option. Denial is no longer an acceptable response. The stakes are too high. The consequences, too serious.”

We agree that we cannot afford to delay any further. That’s why we are calling on the President and Congress to enact environmentally effective, economically sustainable and fair climate and energy legislation this year.


United States Climate Action Partnership (USCAP) is a group of businesses and leading environmental organizations that have come together to call on the federal government to quickly enact strong national legislation to require significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. Click here for more on USCAP.