Statement: President Obama's State of the Union Address

- On the occasion of President Obama's State of the Union address -

Statement of Eileen Claussen
President, Pew Center on Global Climate Change

January 27, 2010

President Obama understands that advancing robust clean energy and climate solutions will create new American jobs, increase our security, and unleash opportunities for economic growth. The President said we need to pass a comprehensive climate and energy bill — and we agree. While we support an economy-wide approach as the most cost-effective and efficient way to reduce our emissions, it is most important that we start now.

With any great challenge comes great opportunity, and it is now up to the Congress along with the President to work together on this critically important issue. We can and we must forge a practical path that will address the country’s immediate economic needs while laying the foundation for a clean, cost-effective, low-carbon energy future.


Pew Center Contact: Tom Steinfeldt, (703) 516-4146