Eileen Claussen Statement on McCain-Lieberman Vote

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Contact: Katie Mandes (703) 516-0606

Eileen Claussen Statement on McCain-Lieberman Vote

Washington, DC — Today's Senate vote on the Climate Stewardship Act demonstrates strong and growing bipartisan support for real action against climate change. John McCain and Joe Lieberman have crafted a piece of legislation that is ambitious yet achievable and affordable. The bill couples strong environmental goals with a flexible market-based approach that allows business to reduce emissions at the lowest possible cost. According to an analysis by MIT economists the cost to the average U.S. household would be just $15 a year in 2010, a modest price for insurance against the very real risks of global warming. It may be some time before a bill like this can be enacted. But thanks to this bill, Congress is for the first time engaged in a genuine debate over climate solutions. This debate is long overdue. This is a beginning.


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