February 12, 2009 Newsletter

Roadmap for U.S.-China Collaboration

Over 50 of the world's leading scientists, China experts, political and business leaders recommend immediate action to create a new, groundbreaking collaboration between the U.S. and China to address the urgent issue of climate change. 

Common Challenge, Collaborative Response: A Roadmap for U.S.-China Cooperation on Energy and Climate Change, produced by the Pew Center on Global Climate Change and Asia Society's Center on U.S.-China Relations, provides the Obama administration a new policy roadmap for immediate action with China.

More about China and climate change
Climate Change 101s

Updated Briefs

solar panelA new edition of Pew's popular 101 series incorporates the most recent information on climate change and major developments in the climate field.

Visit the Climate Change 101 page to download the entire series or individual briefs.
State News

RGGI Starts First Compliance Period

On January 1, 2009, the first compliance period of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) began.  Through RGGI, ten Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states will first stabilize CO2 emission levels in the power sector and then reduce CO2 emission levels 10 percent by 2019.

Illinois Coal-Emission Law

On January 12, 2009, the governor of Illinois signed legislation to reduce emissions from coal power plants.
Markets & Business

Business 101

skyscrapersThe updated brief discusses steps businesses are taking within their companies and in the policy arena to address climate change.

More Markets & Business Information
Reporting on Climate
Media Critique

Time magazine contributor Eric Pooley examines media coverage of climate change in a paper that looks at reporting of the economic debate.
Next Month
Carbon Capture & Sequestration
Public Workshops

March 5 in New York City
March 6 in Washington, DC

The Pew Center is co-sponsoring two workshops exploring issues related to carbon capture & sequestration (CCS).

U.S. Federal


On January 15, 2009, USCAP released their Blueprint for Legislative Action.  Read Eileen Claussen's testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

USCAP/EU-ETS Comparison

A new Pew Center document provides an accessible comparison between the USCAP plan and the EU-ETS on key topics, including targets & timetables, offsets, and allocation.

More federal news and analysis

India & Coal: Policy Options

globeThe newest white paper in the Coal Initiative Series examines policy options for managing GHG emissions from the coal-power sector in India.

Congressional Testimony

Elliot Diringer's testimony before the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming addresses questions regarding international climate change negotiations and the path toward a post-2012 climate treaty.

More International news and analysis
Pew Perspectives

A Blueprint for Action

A new op-ed by Eileen Claussen in Environmental Finance discusses prospects for U.S. climate legislation in the 111th Congress and the USCAP Blueprint for action.

USCAP Interview

E&E TV's Monica Trauzzi interviewed the Pew Center's Nikki Roy and PG&E's Melissa Lavinson about USCAP's recently released Blueprint.

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Celebrating Ten Years

Pew Marks Anniversary
in Special Issue
of Scientific American

Key climate-related topics are addressed in the latest special issue of Scientific American Earth 3.0, where you will also find a Pew Center ad celebrating our 10-year anniversary.
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