September 30, 2008 Newsletter

Pew Partners with Alcoa Foundation to Make an Impact

In what is believed to be a first for corporate America, the Alcoa Foundation and the Pew Center have partnered to launch a unique new program to help Alcoa employees, their families and people in surrounding communities understand and manage their personal energy use.  

Modeled on a similar program launched in 2006 in Australia, Make an Impact provides the tools and resources for individuals to manage their individual carbon footprint, reduce their energy costs, and become part of the solution to global climate change.
The program features:

Visit the Make an Impact website to learn more

Press Release

U.S. Federal

Voter Guide: Candidates Positions on Climate Change

For the first time in U.S. history, both major party candidates for the presidency are deeply concerned about global climate change and publicly support a mandatory, economy-wide cap-and-trade system.

Learn more about the candidates, their running mates, and their respective parties' positions on climate- and energy-related issues in Pew's new voter guide - The Candidates and Climate Change: A Guide to Key Policy Positions. (September 30, 2008)


India Fact Sheet

India recently adopted a national climate change plan and is implementing policies that help reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions.  A new Pew Center brief summarizes India's national policies in the areas of energy efficiency, transportation, and renewable energy. (September 2008)
Pew Perspectives

RGGI Conducts First-in-the-Nation Auction of Emission Allowances

Judi Greenwald discusses the significance of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative's first auction of emissions allowances on NPR's The Kojo Nnamdi Show. (September 24, 2008)

A Look Towards a New International Climate Change Agreement

In a preview to a chapter in the forthcoming book, Development in the Balance: How Will the World's Poor Cope with Climate Change?, Elliot Diringer outlines the key elements of an effective post-2012 climate agreement. (September 2008)

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State News: An Historic Week

WCI Releases Cap-and-Trade Design Recommendations;

RGGI Holds First-Ever Auction of Emissions Allowances

Last week,
the Western Climate Initiative released design recommendations for a mandatory cap-and-trade system.

On September 25, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) conducted the first-ever U.S. auction of emissions allowances under a mandatory cap-and-trade system.

The funds generated by the RGGI auction will help states develop better energy efficiency programs and incentivize technology, among other initiatives.

More state and regional news
Science & Impacts

Hurricanes & Global Warming: An Update

HurricaneThere has been a large number of landfalling tropical storms in the Atlantic this year, with six storms making landfall in the U.S. for only the fifth time since 1900. Another landfall this year would set a new record.

Find out more about the latest hurricanes and tropical storms at our Hurricanes & Global Warming page.
Celebrating Ten Years

Pew Marks Anniversary in Special Issue of Scientific American

Key climate-related topics are addressed in the latest special issue of Scientific American Earth 3.0, where you will also find a new Pew Center ad celebrating our 10-year anniversary. (September 2008)

Upcoming Events

November 12-14, 2008
Washington, DC 

The Pew Center will partner with Point Carbon to host Carbon Market Insights Americas 2008. The conference will take place in the heart of political decision making, the week following the U.S. presidential election. Click here to register

Donating to the Pew Center

For ten years, the Pew Center's mission has been to provide credible information, straight answers, and innovative solutions in the effort to address global climate change. Today, climate change sits atop the list of global issues facing world leaders.

We are at a critical juncture in the climate change debate. While it is clear that it will take decades to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to acceptable levels, it is equally clear that we must begin now. Your financial support will help us as we continue our work toward environmentally effective and economically viable solutions to this challenge.
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