October 30, 2008 Newsletter

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Candidates' Positions on Climate Change

For the first time in U.S. history, both major party candidates for the presidency are deeply concerned about global climate change and publicly support a mandatory, economy-wide cap-and-trade system.

Learn more about the candidates, their running mates, and their respective parties' positions on climate- and energy-related issues in Pew's new voter guide - The Candidates and Climate Change: A Guide to Key Policy Positions.


New Draft Climate Legislation

On October 7th, House Chairmen Dingell and Boucher released draft climate legislation which would establish an economy-wide cap-and-trade system.

Additional Information:

View a summary and comparison chart of this and all other cap-and-trade bill proposals in the 110th Congress.

Watch Pew's Nikki Roy discuss the Dingell-Boucher legislation and a possible timeline for legislation in the next two years on E&ETV's On Point.

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State News

Michigan Becomes 28th State to Enact a Renewable Energy Standard

On October 6, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm signed into law the "Clean, Renewable, and Efficient Energy Act," which establishes a renewable energy standard of 10 percent by 2015.

Michigan is a member of the Midwestern Regional Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord, a group of six states and one Canadian province that have agreed to several measures to address climate change, including a multi-sector cap-and-trade program.

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Markets & Business

Two New Companies Join Pew's Business Council

Business-buildingProven corporate leaders on the climate issue Dow Chemical Company and Johnson Controls, Inc. have become the newest members to join the Pew Center's Business Environmental Leadership Council. (October 22, 2008)


Coal Technology in India

The latest paper in the Coal Initiative Series looks at India's coal use and coal power technologies to reduce GHG emissions. A new brief offers more information on India's climate and energy policies. (October 2008)

Pew Perspectives

U.S. Election & Prospects for a New Global Climate Agreement

A new article by Pew's Elliot Diringer outlines a reasonable path toward U.S. participation in a new international climate agreement. (October  22, 2008)

Climate Policy and Natural Gas

Eileen Claussen discusses the potential role for natural gas utilities in an economy-wide cap-and-trade program in a speech at the American Gas Association's Executive Conference. (October 2008)  

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Upcoming Events

November 12-14, 2008
Washington, DC 

The Pew Center will partner with Point Carbon to host Carbon Market Insights Americas 2008. The conference will take place in the heart of political decision making, the week following the U.S. presidential election. Click here to register

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