December 3, 2008 Newsletter


New Congressional Policy Briefs

Capitol-HillThe Pew Center has released a Congressional Policy Brief Series that will serve as a primer for the 111th Congress and the new administration.  

Developed with input from a variety of outside experts, these briefs walk policymakers through important cap-and-trade design elements and the strengths and weaknesses of various complementary policy approaches.

Visit the Congressional Policy Brief Series page to download individual briefs.


UNFCCC COP 14 in Poznan

The Pew Center will send a delegation to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change's 14th annual Conference of the Parties in Poznan, Poland.

Visit our COP 14 page to read about expectations for the conference, the history of climate negotiations, and Pew Center activities in Poznan. 

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Pew Perspectives

Cap-and-Trade Legislation in the New Administration

A new Pew Center op-ed in Point Carbon's Carbon Market North America reaffirms president-elect Obama's call for enacting a mandatory greenhouse gas cap-and-trade law. (November 2008)

New Addition to Pew Center Staff

Steve Seidel has joined the Pew Center as the new Vice President for Policy Analysis and General Counsel.   Steve had a long and distinguished career working at the EPA where he authored the first major global warming policy study in 1984, and also spent time working on the White House Climate Change Task Force. 

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U.S. Federal

Updated Judicial Analyses Section

Our updated Judicial section includes several Pew Center analyses of key climate change-related court case rulings.

Obama Transition

Visit our Obama Transition page to view Pew Center resources and statements about the new administration.

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State News

Governors Sign International Agreement to Reduce Forest-Sector Emissions

On November 18th, governors from the U.S., Brazil, and Indonesia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.

The MOU states that the governors will consider forest-sector emissions reductions and forest sequestration in climate programs and agreements, including the Western Climate Initiative, the Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Accord, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and California's climate plan as set forward in A.B. 32.


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