April 21, 2008 E-Newsletter

Feature: What You Can Do to Help Curb Global Warming
Simple Steps to Reduce Your Impact on Global Climate Change - For All Ages

Business-buildingWe have launched a new section of our site to help individuals learn more about how everyday activities affect global climate change.

From changing a light bulb to using a power strip for your appliances, there are countless simple, cost-saving measures to help reduce your personal greenhouse gas emissions.

Visit our What You Can Do page to find more tips on reducing your impact.

Our new Kids Page answers key questions and offers fun sites to explore and learn more about global warming.

Insights Not Absolutes: New White Paper Examines Economic Models

Economic models have been extensively used to evaluate the consequences of different policy options for addressing global climate change.

This paper addresses the importance of understanding both the limitations of these models and what insights can be gleaned from their results.

U.S. States & Regions

Governors Sign Climate Declaration

Five governors lead 18 states in signing a climate change declaration in support of mandatory federal and state action to tackle climate change. (April 18, 2008)
Latest Science

Climate Impacts at the Poles

Arctic Sea Ice As illustrated by recent events, global warming is causing major climate impacts in the Arctic and Antarctic.

In March 2008, a section of the Wilkins Ice Shelf collapsed in the southwestern Antarctic Peninsula. And in April, researchers found a major crack in the largest Arctic ice shelf.


U.S. Federal

President Delivers Climate Change Speech: Proposals Deemed Weak, Irrelevant

On Wednesday, President Bush delivered a speech addressing his administration's plans for action on climate change.

His new climate change goals were given directly ahead of the third Major Economies Meeting in Paris. Pew Center President Eileen Claussen responds.


New Report on Adaptation Strategies

The newest Pew Center report outlines a sensible business approach to analyzing and adapting to the physical risks of climate change.

Case studies of three corporations' actions highlight adaptation efforts already taking place in the business community.

Pew Perspectives

NPR's Science Friday

Science Friday's Ira Flatow talks with Eileen Claussen, who explains
why President Bush's new climate change proposal is a non-starter. (April 18, 2008)

NPR's Morning Edition

Eileen Claussen discusses President Bush's climate change goals and why they are a step backward. (April 17, 2008)

Donating to the Pew Center

We are at a critical juncture in the climate change debate. While it is clear that it will take decades to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to acceptable levels, it is equally clear that we must begin now. Your financial support will help us as we continue our work toward environmentally effective and economically viable solutions to this challenge.
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