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December 20, 2007
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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change's 13th Annual Conference of the Parties

The year ended with the close of the UNFCCC's Conference of the Parties in Bali, Indonesia.
Delegates to the UN Climate Change Conference in Bali remained far apart on fundamental issues but in the end agreed to launch a loosely framed negotiating process with the ambitious goal of achieving a new global climate agreement in 2009.

Summary of COP 13 and COP/MOP 3
Pew Center Statement

Letter from Eileen Claussen
The Pew Center's President comments on the climate events of 2007.


The Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act becomes the first greenhouse gas cap-and-trade bill to be voted out of a Congressional committee. (December 5, 2007)

Summary of the Debate and Vote in Committee

The Pew Center hosts a Congressional briefing on Greenhosue Gas Emissions Allowance Allocations with the generous support of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. (September 7, 2007)

Allocation Briefing Proceedings


Pew Forum on International Climate Action

The Pew Center convenes a forum on international climate action on Capitol Hill. Representatives of China, the EU, and seven other countries participated in the event that preceded the Bush administration's Major Economies Meeting.
(September 26, 2007)

China Releases its First National Climate Change Plan

Prepared by China's National Development and Reform Commission, the plan outlines China's strategy for addressing climate change and increasing public awareness. (June 4, 2007)

Read the plan
Read Eileen Claussen's Statement

Other 2007 International Climate Events


Pew's Perspective

Other 2007 Pew Speeches and Articles
The Western Climate Initiative is Formed

On February 26, 2007, Governors establish the Western Climate Initiative, a joint effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change.
Map of Regional Initiatives
Map of States with Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets

Midwestern Regional Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord Established
Under the Accord, six states and one Canadian province agree to establish emissions reduction targets and to develop a multi-sector cap-and-trade system to help meet those targets. (November 15, 2007)

The Pew Center is Founding Member of United States Climate Action Partnership (USCAP)

On January 22, the Pew Center joined together with other non-governmental organizations and businesses to form USCAP, calling on Congress to quickly enact strong national legislation to achieve significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. Membership has now grown to 27 corporations and 6 NGOs.

A Call For Action

Three New Companies Join Pew's Business Environmental Leadership Council

Citi, PNM Resources, and Travelers become new members to the Pew Center's Business Environmental Leadership Council.

Pew Reports and Publications
Other 2007 Pew Center Reports and Publications

Donating to the Pew Center

We are at a critical juncture in the climate change debate. While it is clear that it while it will take decades to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to acceptable levels, it is equally clear that we must begin now. Your financial support will help us to continue to work toward environmentally effective and economically viable solutions to this time sensitive issue.

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