November 14, 2006 E-Newsletter

In This Issue:

Implications of the 2006 Elections for U.S. Climate Policy

The 2006 elections have significantly improved the prospects of rational climate policy in the United States. While it is not yet clear how many of the newly-elected senators and representatives are prepared to vote for mandatory climate change measures, the new Democratic congressional majority puts control of the agenda in the hands of policymakers who, to a large extent, favor climate action.

Read the Pew Center's analysis of how the elections held on November 7 will impact United States climate policy.

UN Climate Change Conference Convenes in Nairobi

Learn about what is being discussed at the UN Climate Change Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, November 6-17, as well as the Pew Center's activities there.

Read the Pew Center's coverage of events in Nairobi.