April 2005 E-Newsletter

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The Cost of U.S. Forest-based Carbon Sequestration: New Report

"The Cost of Forest-Based Carbon Sequestration"investigates the potential for incorporating land-use changes into climate policy. The new Pew Center report looks at the true "opportunity costs" of using land for sequestration, in contrast with other productive uses. The report also examines the many factors that drive the economics of storing carbon in forests over long periods of time.Read the full report.

Pew Center Assessment of the European Union Emission Trading Scheme

"The European Union Emissions Trading System Insights and Observations" discusses the EU-ETS in the context of ongoing emission abatement efforts and policy initiatives to meet EU-25 member state targets under the Kyoto Protocol.Read the full analysis (PDF format).

Innovative Approaches to Climate Change: A State-Federal Workshop

A recent Pew Center workshop explored states' actions while highlighting some of the lessons learned from these efforts for state and federal policy makers. "Innovative Approaches to Climate Change: A State-Federal Workshop" included panel discussions and keynote presentations from top state environmental, energy and transportation officials, as well as representatives of industry and the U.S. Congress.View the presentations.

New Pew Center In-Brief: "The 10-50 Solution: Options for a Low-Carbon Future"

The new Pew Center In-Brief addresses possible technological solutions for a low-carbon future in the next 50 years and identifies policy options for the next 10 years to help push these technologies into the market.Read the full Brief.

Answers to Key Questions Raised by Michael Crichton in "State of Fear"

Michael Crichton's latest novel, "State of Fear", contains a number of strawman arguments, misinterpretations of the scientific literature, and even a few misleading statements drawn from the so-called "skeptics". The Pew Center has compiledanswers to key questions raised by M. Crichton in "State of Fear".

Speech: "Climate Change: Beyond A Sideways Approach"

Eileen Claussen spoke at the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara.Read her speech.

Speech: "Technology, Public Policy and Coal: Making the Connection"

Eileen Claussen recently spoke at the Coal21 Annual Conference in Sydney, Australia.Read her speech.

Pew Center Announces New Director of Markets and Business Development

The Pew Center on Global Climate Change is pleased to announce that it has recently brought on board a key new staff member to its diverse and dedicated team. Mr. Truman Semans joins the Pew Center as Director of Markets and Business Development. He manages the Center's Business Environmental Leadership Council (BELC) of 38 major corporations working to address issues related to climate change. He also directs Pew Center work on climate-related market and investment issues and coordinates the Center's external alliances.Learn more about Truman Semans.

Upcoming Reports

"The U.S. Electric Power Sector and Climate Change Mitigation"
Essentially a "Climate Change and Electricity 101," this report explores options for reducing the electric power sector's GHG emissions over the next decade and over the next half century.
Expected Release Date: Late May 2005

"Towards A Climate-Friendly Built Environment"
Likewise, this "Climate Change and Buildings 101" explores options for reducing GHG emissions from buildings over the next decade and over the next 50 years.
Expected Release Date: Late May 2005

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