2004 Year in Review

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Reports Released in 2004

The Pew Center On Global Climate Change is committed to the development of a wide range of reports, briefs, and policy analyses that add new facts and perspectives to the climate change debate. Reports released this year include:

* Observed Impacts of Climate Change in the U.S.

* Coping With Climate Change: The Role of Adaptation in the United States

* U.S. Market Consequences of Global Climate Change

* Coral Reefs & Global Climate Change: Potential Contributions of Climate Change to Stresses on Coral Reef Ecosystems

Take a look at other reports released in 2004.


2004 Events and Speeches

The Pew Center hosts conferences and workshops on selected topics to facilitate dialogue among business, government, and non-governmental organizations and develop pragmatic policy and technological solutions.

Read about meetings held in 2004 and speeches presented in 2004 by the Honorable Eileen Claussen.


2004: Actions at the State Level

Highlights of state action on climate change in 2004:

* The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, an effort by nine northeastern states to cap and trade carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, has made substantial progress towards developing a model rule, slated for release in Spring of 2005.

* The West Coast Governors' Global Warming Initiative approved recommendations for a coordinated climate strategy.

* Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island, Hawaii, New Mexico, Maryland, and Colorado all adopted renewable portfolio standards; Colorado voters passed the first ballot initiative requiring renewables.

* California issued regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles, implementing the Pavley bill passed by the legislature in 2002. Seven other states are set to follow these regulations if they survive a legal challenge from the auto industry.

* The year also saw states issuing climate action plans (Maine, Massachusetts), requiring CO2 offsets (Washington), and issuing appliance efficiency standards (Connecticut, California, Maryland, New Jersey).

Read about these and other initiatives on our states news page.


Summary of COP 10

Climate negotiators gather in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 6-17 for COP 10 - the Tenth Session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Read a summary of the COP 10 event.


Upcoming Reports

The Cost of U.S. Forest-based Carbon Sequestration
Expected Release Date: January 19, 2005