December 2003 E-Newsletter

In This Issue:

Conference of the Parties (COP 9) Summary Now Available

A synopsis of decisions and political developments at the UN climate negotiations in Milan, Italy.

Advancing the International Climate Effort Beyond the Kyoto Protocol (new report)

With or Without Kyoto: How do we tackle climate change in a way that's fair, effective, and affordable? A new Pew Center report "Advancing the International Climate Effort Beyond the Kyoto Protocol" explores the core challenges in building an effective international response to global climate change.

Whirlpool Corporation Announces GHG Emission Reduction Target

Whirlpool Corporation announced that it will decrease absolute total greenhouse gas emissions from global manufacturing, product use and end-of-life by 3% by 2008 based on a 1998 baseline. View press release and additional information on Whirlpool.

U.S. Technology Policy and Lessons for Climate Change (new report)

Government policies will be critical to the development and adoption of new technologies needed to abate global warming, according to a report released by the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. The report, "U.S. Technology and Innovation Policies: Lessons for Climate Change," examines U.S. experience with technology and innovation policies--both successes and failures--and draws lessons for climate change policy.