Climate Dialogue at Pocantico

The Climate Dialogue at Pocantico

**Final report available in English, Chinese, French, and Spanish.**

We convened the Climate Dialogue at Pocantico to provide an opportunity for informal discussion among senior policymakers and stakeholders from 15 countries on options for advancing the international climate change effort.  Four sessions were held from July 2004 through September 2005.

The group of 25 included policymakers from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Malta, Mexico, Tuvalu, the United Kingdom, and the United States; senior executives from Alcoa, BP, DuPont, Eskom (South Africa), Exelon, Rio Tinto, and Toyota; and experts from the Center, The Energy and Resources Institute (India), and the World Economic Forum. Dialogue members participated in their personal capacities.

The final dialogue report presents approaches and ideas recommended by the group for consideration by the broader policy community.

The Dialogue
Participants and Bios 

Session I – July 14-16, 2004
Report of the Co-Chairs
Background Papers:
Climate Crossroads  Paper / Presentation
Climate Data: Insights and Observations Paper / Presentation
International Climate Efforts Beyond 2012: A Survey of Approaches Paper / Presentation

Session II - October 6-9, 2004
Report of the Co-Chairs
Background Paper:
Strawman Elements: Possible Approaches to Advancing International Climate Change Efforts  Paper

Session III - February 23-25, 2005
Report of the Co-Chairs
Background Papers:
Stawman Elements: An Assessment  Paper
Climate Data: A Sectoral Perspective  Paper

Session IV - September 26-28, 2005
Final dialogue report now available in English, Chinese, French, and Spanish. 
See press release.

Report Release
On November 15, 2005, we released a new report from the Climate Dialogue at Pocantico.

Pocantico Background
The Pocantico dialogue built on a series of papers and international workshops undertaken in 2003 by us.  Beyond Kyoto: Advancing the International Effort Against Climate Change

The Climate Dialogue at Pocantico was convened with the generous support of the Pew Charitable Trusts, the United Nations Foundation, the Wallace Global Fund, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.