What Isn’t Measured, Isn’t Managed: Improving embodied emissions reporting

As clean procurement (or “Buy Clean”) policies and company-led efforts to reduce supply chain emissions gain traction, the need to accurately report on emissions from the various stages of a product’s life cycle—also known as “embodied carbon”—will only increase. However, environmental product declarations (EPDs)—the most common way to label embodied emissions, which form the backbone of private and public sector clean procurement efforts—often lack the detail and consistency needed to give the confidence that procurement decisions will lead to emissions reductions.

In this webinar, we will explore the current state of the knowledge infrastructure around embodied emissions reporting, the challenges we face in developing a robust system of reporting, and what we can do to get there. It will draw on insights from C2ES’s recent brief, A Building Block for Climate Action: Reporting on Embodied Emissions, and will include an expert panel discussion.


Michael LeMonds
Vice President for Environment, Land and Government Affairs @ Holcim
Jetta Wong
Senior Advisor on Climate to the Administrator @ General Services Administration
Josh Jacobs
Director of Sustainability @ WAP Sustainability
Meghan Lewis
Senior Researcher @ Carbon Leadership Forum
Chris Kardish — Moderator
Senior Manager of Industrial Decarbonization, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

Chris Kardish was a Senior Manager of Industrial Decarbonization at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES), where he conducted research and advocated for solutions to decarbonize industrial and manufacturing sectors of the economy. He worked to develop climate mitigation policies and help companies decarbonize through the Renewable Thermal…