Thermal Energy Storage: An Opportunity for Industrial Decarbonization

From glass and steel manufacturing to distilling spirits, industrial processes often require high levels of heat, making emissions generated in these processes some of the hardest to avoid. This webinar—hosted by the Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC)—will explore thermal energy storage, a promising technology for replacing the heat demand of industrial facilities with electricity from renewable sources. You’ll hear from three innovative RTC companies that have developed thermal storage technologies to decarbonize industry: Rondo Energy, Antora Energy, and Brenmiller Energy.

Participants will come away with a better understanding of how thermal storage works, real-world applications from thermal storage companies, and what the RTC is doing to support this promising technology.



Caroline Jo
VP of Project Finance | Rondo Energy
Jordan Kearns
VP of Project Development | Antora Energy
Gadi Sharir
U.S. Managing Director | Brenmiller Energy
Chris Kardish — Moderator
Industrial Fellow | Center for Climate and Energy Solutions