The Resilience Factor: How investors assess climate-ready governments

Join the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions and the Vermont Bond Bank on Wednesday, June 28th at 1 pm for a webinar on the emerging landscape of climate risk assessment by investors in the $4 trillion municipal bond market.

Communities across the country are already feeling the financial impacts of climate change. Recognizing the costs of climate-related damages, municipal bond investors are beginning to assess physical climate risk in portfolio management. These changes are shifting the conventional wisdom of municipal credit, where strong economies and balance sheets are now also being weighed against vulnerability to acute and chronic climate risks.

While local governments can take measures to adapt to potential climate-related pressures, little guidance exists for financial officers responsible for long-term financial planning and interacting with municipal markets. Moreover, the limits of adaptation and credit evaluation are unclear as the new paradigm for climate risk evaluation emerges. Building on the novel work of C2ES and the diligence of the Vermont Bond Bank, this webinar will explore how municipalities are feeling the financial impacts of climate change, as well as how these analyses can create positive feedback loops to help communities adapt for the future.

Speakers will outline the physical climate risk analysis landscape, how local governments can integrate climate risks and opportunities into financial decision-making, and how investors are beginning to evaluate climate risk. The speakers will then discuss what steps can be taken to position communities and bond issuers for success in this changing time.


Michael Gaughan — Moderator
Executive Director, Vermont Bond Bank
Amy Bailey
Director of Climate Resilience and Sustainability, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

Amy Bailey is the Director of Climate Resilience and Sustainability at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES). Ms. Bailey identifies emerging approaches and solutions to climate and energy challenges and develops opportunities to increase information sharing between cities, states, and companies. She manages the activities of the Alliance…

Dr. Evan Kodra
Senior Director of Climate & ESG, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)
Erika Smull, PhD
Municipal Research Analyst, Breckinridge Capital Advisors