The Corporate Case for Climate Ambition in Reconciliation

As the impacts of climate change compound across communities in the United States and the world, the urgency for policy approaches adequate to the scale of the challenge continues to intensify. While global leaders prepare for COP26, Congress is negotiating a reconciliation package that, among other policy areas, would amount to the most consequential climate bill in at least a decade. A number of climate-related provisions, including the Clean Electricity Performance Program, tax credits for clean energy and transportation, as well as grants and other funding support for communities in transition could help transform our economy while driving deep emission reductions across sectors. Such measures could also lay the groundwork for American companies to compete in billion-dollar markets for clean energy technologies in the decades to come. Against that backdrop, a rising chorus of corporate climate commitments reflects growing pressure from investors and employees, and a recognition of emerging low-carbon market opportunities. The next few weeks will be a defining moment for climate action, and many companies have acknowledged that strong federal policy will be needed to: meet the ambitious goals they’ve set for themselves; enable them to seize low-carbon opportunities; and, most importantly, meet our national and global climate commitments.

In this webinar, C2ES will be joined by corporate voices to explore the business case for supporting climate provisions in the budget reconciliation bill. The discussion will focus on how these climate provisions could help companies reduce their emissions, drive low-carbon investment, and enhance their global competitiveness.


Kyle Gilley
Vice President, Government Relations, Carrier Global
Traci Kraus
Director of Government Relations, Cummins Inc.
Megan Lorenzen
Senior Sustainability Manager, Salesforce
Michael Maten
Senior Strategist for EV and Energy Policy, GM
Brad Townsend — Moderator
VP for Policy and Outreach, C2ES