Solutions Forum Webinar: Financing Carbon Capture Technology – Corporate Partners Lead the Way

Addressing climate change will require tremendous investment in low and zero carbon energy technologies. Estimates are as high as $1 trillion per year through 2030. Some of that investment will need to go to carbon capture technology, which could provide 13 percent of global emissions reductions through 2050.

This webinar explores corporate partnerships as a model for financing carbon capture technology and features an interactive discussion about opportunities and potential challenges.


David C. Brown
Senior Vice President, Federal Government Affairs and Public Policy, Exelon Corporation

David Brown has been with Exelon, and its predecessor PECO Energy Company, since 1990. He serves as Exelon’s primary liaison with Congress and federal agencies and works actively with national trade associations representing the electric, natural gas, and nuclear energy industries. He has held a number of leadership positions with…

Bill Brown
CEO, Net Power LLC, Co-Founder and CEO, 8 Rivers Capital LLC

Bill Brown is the CEO of NET Power, LLC, which is working with Exelon, Toshiba and CB&I to commercialize an 8 Rivers technology that produces electricity from fossil fuel (including natural gas) at a cost comparable to existing technologies, while, at no additional cost, capturing all of the carbon dioxide…

Walker Dimmig
Principal, 8 Rivers Capital LLC

Walker Dimmig is a Principal at 8 Rivers Capital, a company that invents and commercializes breakthrough industrial technologies. Mr. Dimmig was on the founding team of 8 Rivers’ portfolio company NET Power, which is building a new natural gas power generation technology that produces low-cost electricity with no air emissions.…

Fatima Maria Ahmad
, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions