Next Steps for Loss & Damage Finance: What lies ahead in 2024?

Loss and Damage (L&D) finance had historic outcomes at the most recent UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) convening (COP28); however, work still needs to be completed before developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change can have access to critical funding.

In this webinar, which comes in the lead up to the World Bank Spring Meetings, we will offer an overview of the outcomes on L&D funding from COP28 and what lies ahead in 2024. Through expert-led discussions, this webinar will inform participants of the critical aspects pertaining to L&D finance. Participants will gain an understanding of the outcomes from COP28, implications of the COP28 decision, what lies ahead for the L&D Fund in 2024, and how success will be defined on L&D finance in 2024.

Join us for a unique opportunity to hear from key experts and stakeholders in the lead up to the World Bank Spring Meetings.

This webinar is designed for policymakers, finance professionals, researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders involved in the UNFCCC L&D efforts.

Explore our recent publication, “Loss and Damage at COP28 and the Way Forward for 2024,” as background context for this event.

Introducing the COP28 Outcome

Cat Wenger
Partner | Wenger Law

Keynote Address

Ambassador Mohamed Nasr
COP27 Presidency (Egypt), member of the Board of the L&D Fund, member of the Transitional Committee

Opening Remarks

Sue Biniaz
Principal Deputy Special Envoy for Climate at the U.S. Department of State

Panel Conversation

Outi Honkatuki
Lead Negotiator for finance, technology, and capacity building for the European Union; co-chair of the Transitional Committee
Animesh Kumar
Head, UNDRR Bonn Office
Sarah Millar
Programme Director, Climate Emergency Collaboration Group
Michai Robertson
AOSIS Senior Advisor (Finance), Research Fellow at ODI
Richard Sherman
co-chair of Transitional Committee, Member of the Board of the L&D Fund
Kaveh Guilanpour — Moderator
Vice President for International Strategies, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions