Making Cents of the Cost of Climate Change

The growing costs of climate change are on the minds of policymakers, communities, and businesses following the release of the Fourth National Climate Assessment and NOAA’s finding that extreme weather events cost the country $91 billion in 2018. In this webinar, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions brings together experts to explain the cost estimates in the National Climate Assessment, how the real estate industry is measuring current and future costs as an illustrative example, and how measuring economic risk informs and can spur investment in community resilience.


Brenda Ekwurzel
Director of Climate Science, Climate and Energy Program, Union of Concerned Scientists
Jeff Tucker
Economist, Zillow Research
Ben Cohen
Director, Quantified Ventures
Amanda Hallauer
Watershed Manager, City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management
Kristiane Huber — Moderator
Resilience Fellow, C2ES