Join the Alliance for a Sustainable Future for a virtual discussion

What will your city look like post-pandemic? The Alliance for a Sustainable Future will be exploring what changes your city might experience and what decisions should be considered now in preparation for the future business, residential, and commercial needs of cities.

Mayors and city officials are deliberating what will happen post-pandemic, after people are vaccinated and return to a “new normal.” Will people still choose to live and work in cities? What will the future of downtowns, businesses, and retail look like?  As Mayors and city staff navigate these questions and work to shape the future of their communities, what can be done to help ensure that your city is on a low-carbon and equitable path?


Mayor Erin Mendenhall
Mayor, Salt Lake City, Chair, Alliance for a Sustainable Future
Vishaan Chakrabarti
Founder and Creative Director, PAU
Stephen Engblom
Executive Vice President, AECOM