Foresight is 20/20: Understanding Physical risk in a Climate-Impacted Future

As more companies are beginning to disclose their climate-related risks in response to interest from investors and regulators, improved guidance and best practices are needed to help companies measure and assess physical risks from the impacts of climate change under different warming scenarios. A 2020 C2ES report found that TCFD guidance for evaluating physical risk is less robust than for transition risk and that new tools and continued information sharing are vital to enable investor decision-making that accounts for climate risk.

This webinar examines how different companies and organizations are assessing their forward-looking physical risks from a changing climate and developing resources to assist companies and investors.


Jill Blickstein
Managing Director and Head of ESG, American Airlines
Carlos Sanchez
Executive Director, Coalition for Climate Resilient Investment
Don Bain
Senior Advisor, Climate Central
Laura Brush — Moderator
Resilience Fellow, C2ES