Clean Energy Standards: Policy Proposals for the Power Sector and Beyond

Accelerating the U.S. power sector transition to cleaner electricity sources is an important goal with numerous benefits—reduction of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, diversification of energy supply, and clean energy industry growth. Additionally, cleaner electricity is also necessary to decarbonize energy consumption in the transportation, buildings, and industrial sectors.

A clean energy standard offers a promising approach to increase the proportion of electricity generated by clean sources. How are states proceeding on clean energy standards? What are the latest developments at the federal level? This webinar will explore benefits, challenges, and options for a clean energy standard in the power sector and the potential to integrate one into emission reduction programs in other segments of the U.S. economy.

A C2ES report, Clean Energy Standards: State and Federal Policy Options and Considerations, addresses these questions.


Bob Perciasepe
President, C2ES
Bruce Phillips
Director, NorthBridge Group
Nikki Roy
Climate Change and Environment Policy Director, U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette
Laura Shields
Policy Associate, National Conference of State Legislatures
Doug Vine — Moderator
Senior Energy Fellow, C2ES