City-Utility Partnerships for a Cleaner Energy Future

Expanding energy efficiency and demand side management, adding more renewable energy, and shifting the fuel mix of the local electric grid have emerged as critical strategies for cities striving to achieve ambitious climate goals. In this webinar, the Alliance for a Sustainable Future highlights how city-utility partnerships are engaging their communities and charting a course to a cleaner and smarter energy future, featuring collaborations in the Salt Lake City, and the Asheville, North Carolina, regions. These city-utility partnerships, which have local and regional impacts, offer valuable lessons for other cities around the country. This webinar is presented by Alliance for a Sustainable future, a joint initiative of The U.S. Conference of Mayors and the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES).


Jackie Biskupski
Mayor, Salt Lake City & Vice-Chair of the Alliance for a Sustainable Future
Jason Walls
Duke Energy District Manager – Asheville Area, Asheville Energy Innovation Task Force
Vicki Bennett
Sustainability Director, Salt Lake City