Achieving Net-Zero Carbon: A Shell Scenario for the U.S. Energy System

Join us for a presentation and discussion of a new scenario developed by Shell for achieving a net-zero U.S. energy system by 2050. The scenario, building on Shell’s earlier global Sky scenario, is informed by modeling and analysis reflecting the unique natural and economic landscape of the United States. It outlines the types of actions needed to decarbonize the U.S. energy system, with an emphasis on clean energy and carbon removal technologies, as well as the potential economic and social impacts of the transition to net-zero energy.

Jeremy Bentham, Mallika Ishwaran, and David Hone will join C2ES President Bob Perciasepe in this virtual event to present Shell’s scenario for a Net-Zero CO2 Energy System By 2050 and answer audience questions.


Jeremy Bentham
Vice President Global Business Environment & Head of Shell Scenarios, Shell
David Hone
Chief Climate Change Advisor, Shell & C2ES Board of Directors
Mallika Ishwaran
Senior Economist and Policy Adviser, Shell
Bob Perciasepe — Moderator
President, C2ES