The Business of Pricing Carbon: How Companies are Pricing Carbon to Mitigate Risks and Prepare for a Low-Carbon Future

Increasingly, companies across sectors and geographies are turning to an internal carbon price as one tool to help them reduce carbon emissions, mitigate climate-related business risks, and identify opportunities in the transition to a low-carbon economy. Establishing a carbon price across a company can help internalize the cost of greenhouse gas emissions by assigning a monetary value to each ton emitted. The brief describes the business case for internal carbon pricing, the different internal carbon pricing approaches used by companies, and key lessons learned, including: the multiple business benefits of an internal carbon price, the importance of embedding the price in a company’s business strategy, and the benefits and challenges of different types of pricing strategies.

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Watch the webinar with Anirban Ghosh, Chief Sustainability Officer, The Mahindra Group; Bob Stout, Vice President & Head of Regulatory Affairs, BP America; and  Liz Willmott, Environmental Sustainability Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation.