Near-Term Federal Actions to Address Climate Change

A growing majority of Americans favor stronger government action to address climate change. Recent events demonstrate both the rising costs of climate change to U.S. communities and taxpayers and the economic benefits of a clean energy-transition. While the United States has made progress in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, much steeper reductions are needed to avert the worst impacts of climate change. This requires stronger action by the private sector and at all levels of government to mobilize the innovative technologies key to a thriving low-carbon economy. Proposals for carbon pricing and a Green New Deal have launched a vital debate about the broad contours of a comprehensive long-term response. But there are also important opportunities right now for progress on meaningful near-term steps. This policy brief, part of C2ES’s Climate Innovation 2050 initiative, outlines near-term federal actions that could garner bipartisan support and strengthen the foundation for comprehensive long-term solutions.