American Mayors and Businesses: Building Partnerships for a Low-Carbon Future Volume II

Never have the stakes been higher to advance the cause of carbon reduction and climate protection. For more than a decade, cities have promoted climate protection strategies at all levels of government, and businesses have made great strides in their commitment to reduce greenhouse gases and to develop new, more cost-effective renewable energy technologies. But the recent intensity and destruction of Hurricanes Florence and Michael, coupled with wildfires like Camp Fire that consume our Western forests and threaten cities, make us all realize that the time for talking is over and time for greater climate action is now.

To respond to the need to expedite climate protection programs, the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions formed the Alliance for a Sustainable Future. The purpose of the Alliance is to promote greater partnerships between the public and private sectors in advancing climate solutions.

Expediting clean energy technologies almost always involves cooperation between the public and private sectors. According to the Alliance’s recent city survey on sustainability, many cities already partner with the private sector and others are taking steps to do so. But the most important finding of the survey is that cit-ies are poised to make even greater strides in the near future and are looking to their peers and businesses to help make that happen.

The summary case studies in this document illustrate how cities are partnering to achieve their clean energy goals and create resilient, low-carbon communities. Whether it is New York City’s Retrofit Accelerator or Austin’s carbon-neutral fleet plan, these model programs show that informed cooperation is the key to our mounting a sustained clean energy strategy from the local level up.

The Alliance will continue to promote such programs and others. Whether you are from the public or private sector, we hope you join us for this important work.