Corporate Climate Resilience Pathways Initiative

As climate-related risks loom large over the global economy, no business remains untouched. The compounding impacts of climate change are reshaping the global business landscape and will continue to do so even with significant cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, demanding immediate and strategic action from the private sector.

About the Initiative

With these challenges in mind, C2ES, Resilience First, and Resilience Rising, are embarking on a pioneering multi-year initiative to establish a robust business framework that enables companies to build climate resilience, disclose corporate actions, and track leadership and impact.

Building on two decades of industry experience in measuring greenhouse gas emissions and setting climate targets, the private sector has been able to compete, attract investment, and engage in policy discussions to drive decarbonization. Similar dynamics are required to elevate business action on climate resilience, ensuring a thriving society in an uncertain future. Currently, diverse approaches to measuring the physical risks of climate change and to building resilience result in measurement and reporting inconsistencies, a lack of transparency, and missed opportunities for collaboration and collective impact across sectors.

The business community requires a new way of responding to climate shocks in order to cement its role as a driver of enhanced resilience and global stability—one that is comprehensive, inclusive, aligned, and sustainable over time. By enabling transformations that substantially scale-up investment in climate resilience, our initiatives will lead to more resilient businesses, improve the adaptive capacity of the communities where businesses operate, and position businesses as advocates for policies that simultaneously strengthen private sector resilience while accelerating deep decarbonization efforts.

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Catalyzing Corporate Climate Resilience

Climate Resilience Pathways: Catalyzing Private Sector Action

As the backbone of the global economy, businesses play a pivotal role in driving forward resilience and mitigating the dire impacts of climate change. Together, C2ES, Resilience Rising, and Resilience First have published a new report and crafted a set of guiding principles aimed at inspiring decisive, private sector action.

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Principles for Corporate Climate Resilience Leadership

After consultations with nearly 70 global companies and thought leaders, C2ES, Resilience First, and Resilience Rising have identified five principles for corporate climate resilience leadership.

Companies leading on climate resilience are:

  1. Science-Based & Proactive: Companies acknowledge and assess the acute and chronic risks presented by the physical impacts of climate change and implement best practices in their planning and investments that enhance resilience across the value chain.
  2. Transparent & Accountable: Companies regularly measure and report assessed climate risks, adaptation actions, and their impacts in a consistent and transparent manner.
  3. Safeguarding & Enhancing: Companies employ practices that safeguard against maladaptation and increased vulnerability to physical climate hazards and strive to enhance the adaptive capacity of communities and natural ecosystems.
  4. Inclusive & Equitable: Companies strive to collaboratively engage value chains and local communities to understand and improve decision-making, contribute to systemic needs and priorities, and drive the implementation of equitable climate adaptation and resilience investments.
  5. Transformative: Companies support and pursue climate adaptation solutions that enable positive systems-level transformations within their organizations, industry sectors, and value chains, and in communities and natural ecosystems.

Explore the Principles

Learn more about the five principles for corporate climate resilience leadership.

Watch the Launch Event

On March 21st, we hosted a webinar to celebrate the launch of the “Climate Resilience Pathways” report and our five working Principles for Corporate Climate Resilience Leadership. We heard directly from global thought leaders on what’s driving private sector investments in climate resilience and discussed the strategic direction needed to accelerate impact.