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U.S. State Climate Action Plans

Many states have completed comprehensive Climate Action Plans, or are in the process of revising or developing one. The plans detail steps that the states can take to reduce their contribution to climate change. The process of developing a climate …

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Green Solutions to the Midwest’s Growing Flooding Problem
Framework for Engaging Small- and Medium-sized Businesses in Maryland on Climate Resilience

Many small businesses are not aware of the risks they face from changing climate conditions, and may not have plans in place to respond and recover from weather events. This issue is especially important in Maryland, where small businesses—defined as …

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Financing Resilience
State Action on Resilience
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Helping small businesses become more resilient
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We need to prepare for more downpours
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Collaborating on climate resilience in Anchorage
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States look to “green banks” to leverage private investment in clean tech
Impacts and Adaptation Options in the Gulf Coast

Introduction The central and western U.S. Gulf Coast is increasingly vulnerable to a range of potential hazards associated with climate change. Hurricanes are high-profile hazards that threaten this region with strong winds, heavy rain, storm surge and high waves. Sea-level rise is a longer-term hazard …

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