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Electricity Portfolio Standards
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No single solution to nuclear’s troubles
An Illustrative Framework for a Clean Energy Standard for the Power Sector

This paper describes an illustrative framework for a federal clean energy standard (CES) for the electricity sector. A CES is a type of electricity portfolio standard. Electricity portfolio standards are flexible, market-based policies that typically set requirements for the percentage …

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Clean Energy Standards: State and Federal Policy Options and Implications

Executive Summary A transition from conventional fossil fueled electricity generation to clean energy offers several benefits—particularly the growth of new clean energy industries and associated jobs, diversification of energy supply, and reductions in the public health and environmental damages (especially …

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Race to the Top: The Expanding Role of U.S. State Renewable Portfolio Standards

Since the release of our 2002 report on state-level climate activity, Greenhouse and Statehouse: The Evolving State Government Role in Climate Change, the pace of innovation and adoption has quickened. States are taking a broad range of actions that reduce …

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