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2023 Renewable Thermal Collaborative Summit
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A fresh wave of carbon capture and removal projects
A Building Block for Climate Action: Reporting on Embodied Emissions

Greenhouse gases can be emitted across various stages of a product’s life cycle, from raw materials and manufacturing to disposal. These emissions are often referred to as a product’s “embodied emissions.” Currently, the most common way of reporting product-level data …

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Thermal Energy Storage: An Opportunity for Industrial Decarbonization
Clean Industrial Heat: A Technology Inclusive Framework

This brief focuses on the challenge of heat for the industrial sector. Worldwide, heat makes up roughly three-quarters (74 percent) of energy demand for industry and accounts for more than one-fifth of total (all sectors) global energy consumption. Today, most industrial heat production comes …

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Clean Heat Pathways for Industrial Decarbonization

Most heat energy industry uses today comes from fossil fuel combustion, accounting for about 10 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions. In the United States, the industries using the most heat include petroleum refining, paper, chemicals, cement, and steel. Unless …

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Renewable Thermal Collaborative 2021 Summit
The Role of Natural Gas in Decarbonizing the U.S. Energy and Industrial Economy

What role might natural gas play in deep decarbonization? Some think natural gas should play no role at all, while others think we can continue to use natural gas in the future as we have in the past. In fact, …

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Limitations and Potential: Scaling Carbon Dioxide Removal
Carbon Dioxide Removal: Pathways and Policy Needs

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions will likely be needed to achieve global climate objectives, though deployment of CDR is not a substitute for cutting emissions. For large CDR projects to be realized at scale by mid-century, an unprecedented level of …

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