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No time for tilting at offshore wind
Renewable Energy
Clean Connection: Canadian and U.S. Electricity

The U.S. and Canadian electric power grids are connected by dozens of transmission lines from New England to the Pacific Northwest. The interconnected North American power grid enables two-way trading and benefits both Canada and the United States with enhanced …

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The power sector infrastructure challenge: What will it take to get to net-zero?
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Pandemic underscores the urgency of grid resilience
Carbon Capture: A Pathway for Meeting Pennsylvania’s Environmental and Economic Goals
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Reviving economies while reducing emissions
Direct Air Capture: A Guide to Private Sector Planning
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Opportunities in Carbon Utilization: A Vital Pathway to Decarbonization
From Coast to Coast: Offshore Wind Energy Expands in the United States

This article was first presented at the American Bar Association Section of International Law 2019 Annual Conference. Introduction Last year was a remarkable year for offshore wind development in the United States, with lease sales and projects announced in Massachusetts, …

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