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Sustainable street initiatives help U.S. cities cope with COVID
Factoring in Climate Resilience for City Competitiveness
The Competitive Edge of Resilient Cities
The Resilience Factor: A Competitive Edge for Climate-Ready Cities

Increasingly, U.S. cities and regions are facing costly climate impacts that are having significant effects on local businesses and communities. This report explores how the economic competitiveness of U.S. cities will be impacted as climate impacts worsen – and how …

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Preserving City Competitiveness: The Benefits of Climate Resilience
Key Insights into Prioritizing Resilience Strategies

Governments and businesses are acting to promote resilience to climate change impacts. However, resilience planning does not occur in a vacuum. Organizations have multiple goals, including satisfying stakeholders, meeting sustainability objectives, addressing traditional pollution issues, and advancing social equity—and they …

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Framework for Engaging Small- and Medium-sized Businesses in Maryland on Climate Resilience

Many small businesses are not aware of the risks they face from changing climate conditions, and may not have plans in place to respond and recover from weather events. This issue is especially important in Maryland, where small businesses—defined as …

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Guide to Public-Private Collaboration on City Climate Resilience Planning

Cities and businesses are separately preparing for climate change and building their resilience to impacts. But they have not had guidance on how to work together, until now. This report lays out the value in public-private collaboration on city climate …

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Resilience Strategies for Drought

Across the United States, the risk of drought is expected to grow due to reduced precipitation and higher temperatures caused by climate change. Drought’s far-reaching impacts can ripple through communities, regions, watersheds, economies and ecosystems. This fact sheet overviews strategies …

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