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Climate Leadership Lessons: “This is Good Business”
Putting Climate Scenarios Into Action
Carbon Pricing: A Case for Transformative Climate Action

The following was published Nov. 7, 2017 on the World Bank’s Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition blog. Read original post here. Carbon pricing – in the form of a carbon tax or an emissions trading system – has become a tool …

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Business Strategies to Address Climate Change
Climate-Related Financial Disclosures
Business Action on Resilience
Internal Carbon Pricing
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Mayors, Businesses Pick Up the Ball on Climate
Beyond the Horizon: Corporate Reporting on Climate Change

This brief reviews the types of climate-related risks and opportunities that may impact companies and explores how and where companies currently disclose information about climate risks and opportunities, including some of the challenges associated with reporting. While many companies across a …

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American Mayors and Businesses: Building Partnerships for a Low-Carbon Future

The summary case studies contained in this document are meant to illustrate how cities can partner to achieve their clean energy goals. Whether it is Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonazales’ Verde Fund, Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski’s Climate Positive …

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