Toward Climate and Energy Solutions

On November 9, we hosted a high-level dialogue on the critical energy and climate challenges confronting the U.S. and the world – and the announcement of an exciting new chapter in our efforts to promote practical, innovative solutions.

Despite a flagging economy, global energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions continue to soar. Ensuring safe, reliable, affordable energy for all – while protecting the global climate – is a paramount challenge of the 21st century. While innovative technologies offer promising solutions, the risks and costs of inaction continue to mount.  With so many other competing priorities, how do we mobilize the action and investment needed for a true clean energy transition?

Anne Thompson of NBC News moderated a lively conversation between Eileen Claussen, Entergy CEO Wayne Leonard, Resources for the Future President Phil Sharp, and former Sen. John Warner about the challenges ahead on climate and energy policy.

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Watch the full video of the Toward Climate and Energy Solutions Dialogue below.

Dialogue: Toward Climate and Energy Solutions from on Vimeo.